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The term "constructivism?" develops from the idea that "learning is an active process in which learners construct new ideas or concepts based upon their current/past knowledge. The learner selects and transforms information, constructs hypotheses, and makes decisions … the instructor should try and encourage students to discover principles? by themselves. The instructor and student should engage in an active dialog (i.e., socratic learning). The task of the instructor is to translate information to be learned into a format appropriate to the learner's current state of understanding. Curriculum should be organized in a spiral manner so that the student continually builds upon what they have already learned."
Note: There is a misconception that constructivists believe that teachers cannot give students "the answer"; however, this is often a gross oversimplification of a rich and complex theory that has lead to derision by some faculty of learning theories in general.

Definition of Constructivism from "Theory into Practice"
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