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Paired think aloud? is an example of groupwork in which one student "presents" and the other records and encourages. It is a good way for shyer or more reticent students in particular to take the time to express their thoughts and questions. As with all of the student-active approaches that are unfamiliar to students, you will need to explain why you are using this particular one. Many recorders will be tempted to help another student who is struggling with some aspect of data interpretation, especially if they believe that they know the "right answer". Discuss with the class why the role of recorder is important and what they should and should not do when they are in that role. You can assign students to their roles in many ways; easy random techniques include birth dates ("youngest in a calendar year is the recorder), last digits of phone numbers, and the like. Class discussion following the paired work can be as usual. Time needed for the individual and paired components depends on the sophistication of your students.